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Shepherd is a Life Coaching and Business Consulting practice whose coaching and consulting services are available in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, nationwide and internationally.  
As a Washington DC Life Coach and Business Consultant, I founded Shepherd to make available the best Coaching and Consulting services to individuals and organizations wanting to make meaningful, lasting change with measurable outcomes. Here, you give yourself permission to own your own time and space.  
The work I undertake with my clients is highly collaborative and based on a partnership of openness and trust.  And, just as you and your needs are unique, so too is our approach; a new one is invented for every client.  

Multidisciplinary perspectives, singular focus.  Get to remarkable.
Dr Andrew Ritcheson CPsychol, AFBPsS, PMP


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img_3114I founded Shepherd to provide something different for people who are looking to engage in substantive, meaningful, and  professional life coaching and business consulting.  If your challenges are important enough to want to discuss with someone, then you need a trusted-partner who will take your issues as seriously as their own.   Making change is hard, and I will commit to working with you to understand, reach, and sustain your unique life coaching and business consulting goals  and objectives.

I suggest to my clients that they don’t come to work with me, but to come to work for themselves.  Coming to Shepherd is about making the effort to own your own time and space, and work together to get where you want to be.  My role is to do everything possible to enable and empower you to reach your goals.
I  am an experienced coach and consultant who helps individuals and organizations by bridging professional disciplines, and blending clinical and coaching skills, insight and methodologies with management, consulting and business practices.   I have worked in coaching, consulting, psychology, healthcare, business, research, and communication industries.
I have a PhD in Psychology from Oxford University, Post Graduate Clinical Psychology Training from the University of London, and a BA in Applied Psychology.  I am a Unitive Life Coach, and was trained by Charles Bentley.  I am a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a PMI-certified Project Management Professional.  I am also an Associate of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Although I have a lot of letters after my name, my basic interest is to help people and organizations thrive.


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Life Coaching Services

My life coaching approach looks at individual challenges through the lens of optimization and actualization, rather than illness, failure or inadequacy.  Working as a team, we assess the past to better understand the present and to form our plans for the future.

In my role as a Washington DC life coach, I practice precision coaching, and tailor to your specific requirements.  My life coaching approach starts with a blank-slate, and together we assess and formulate an understanding of your needs, develop the most effective tools and techniques, and create and implement your own unique plan to accomplishing your goals.

Once your plan is put into action, we test out our new tools and approaches, gather information and data, and continue tailoring.  We look for progress towards your goals and objectives, and evaluate your success as our work moves forward.  No coaching engagement is a straight-line, and we will navigate your path – whatever shape it may be – collaboratively and in a systematic, goal-oriented fashion.

I have experience in working with clients across a wide-range of issues and challenges including but not limited to:

  • Identifying, Making and Navigating Change: the need to make change, and change itself, exists in infinite forms whether getting out of a rut, reinventing yourself and launching into a new direction, coping with new circumstances, making or breaking habits, or simply living healthfully.  Common to most is that change can be hard, especially in the context of adjustment challenges and other obstacles, and can feel totally overwhelming.  We will work together to unblock, structure, empower and progress through the change process together.
  • Personal and Professional Relationships: relationships are complex, and can be the source of tremendous reward and pleasure, or damage and pain.  As a social species, our relationships with others fundamentally influence our quality of life.  Sometimes our relationships and the way we relate to others, whether personally or professionally, present or past, needs structure, support and encouragement to overcome, flourish and thrive.
  • Career and Professional Consulting: we will spend on average 30% of our lives working.  Your career has immediate and important financial value, but also harder to quantify value in terms of professional and intellectual attainment and satisfaction.  Work does not always work, and it can be important to set aside the time and space to critically assess where you are in relation to your goals and objectives, and take action as needed including establishing meaningful and lasting work-life balance.
  • Cultivating, Coaching, and Expressing Creativity: having deep and rich creative life is one of life’s greatest pleasures and a key to living well.  In today’s fast paced, saturated, and constantly connected world, finding the time and space to develop and express your own creativity can be challenging.  Few things pay out more and more regularly than developing and accessing your own creative reservoir, and giving voice to your creativity, in whatever form that may be.
  • The Big Questions: many of our needs and challenges don’t fall neatly into categories, whether they be life and existential; health and illness; coping with loss; sexuality; articulating your reason for being; living mindfully; or simply “other.”  Find the time and space to call and we can discuss whether my approach works for your needs.


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Business Consulting Services

Organizations, executives and professionals can encounter a unique set of challenges that reduce performance, diminish productivity, and put potential beyond reach.  Furthermore, these challenges can be difficult or impossible to manage with existing resources, infrastructure or processes.  They require a rigorous, collaborative, transparent, co-owned partnership in getting to remarkable, whatever that may be, and whatever that takes.  I provide a full suite of business and executive consulting services as a Washington, DC, life coach, which are expert, professional, objective, and independent.

My approach to providing business and executive consulting bridges multiple professional disciplines, and blends clinical and coaching skills, insight and methodologies with management, consulting and business practices to enable high-impact and lasting solutions; multidisciplinary perspectives, singular focus. 

I work with individuals and organizations using tools like engagement, active listening, collaborative empiricism, diagnosis, formulation and intervention, which together provides Shepherd’s highly effective and distinctive business consulting framework.

My coaching and business experience in addition to the individual, organizational and consulting psychology skills and techniques gained by many years of training and practice helps professionals and businesses confronted with a wide range of challenges, and trying to get to remarkable.  Together we work on engineering meaningful and useable approaches to important challenges, from the ground up.  We evaluate our effectiveness by regularly taking stock and measuring success and where we have fallen short.  My approach encourages ownership, self-direction, and accountability.  We put in place scaffolding to accomplish the work at hand, including a plan for its removal.    

Through my role as a business coach in Washington, DC, I have a successful track record as a leader, consultant and subject matter expert providing solutions to a wide range of business challenges, and leaving personnel, operations and organizations measurably improved.  I look for the opportunity to invent something new and unique with each new client and develop and implement transformational strategies, tactics, and plans.

Business Consulting Areas

HR  Consulting. Recruitment. Managing Performance and Behavior Issues.

Organizational and Individual Productivity. Business Process Engineering.

Business Case Development. Strategic Consulting, Development and Tactical Implementation.

Forming, Leading and Optimizing Effective Teams. Interdisciplinary and Cross-Functional Management. Program and Project Management.

Marketing and Communications Strategy and Training. Influence and Persuasion.

Developing Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness.  Soft Skill Development.

Executing and Managing Career and Professional Transition.


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Special Notice and Privacy

Special Notice:  Dr Ritcheson’s services and those of Shepherd, LLC do not extend to psychological assessment, diagnosis or treatment of any mental disorder as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.   Our services do not replace any relationship that exists, or should exist, between clients and their Medical Provider or Mental Health Provider. Clients should always seek the advice of their own physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, Mental Health Provider, or another health care professional regarding any questions or concerns about their specific health situation. No mental health care or substance abuse treatment is or can be provided.

Privacy: Shepherd, LLC takes issues of information and data privacy and confidentiality very seriously, and our commitment is to total security and total discretion.  We have experience working within secure environments, sensitive circumstances, and with the most critical data.  Our Privacy Policy, and general Terms and Conditions will be made available to you on or before commencement of work.  Special privacy conditions can be negotiated on a case-by-base basis.